WP2E Basic

The WP2E Basic plan is perfect for developers, integrators and vendors with a growing portfolio of self distributed themes and plugins.

Among other things the plan  allows to create 3 types of Installer Package and deploy them on any amount of sites.

Resources & Storage

  • x3 WP Plugin Installer Package
  • x3 WP Theme Installer Package
  • x3 WP Plugin Boilerplate Starter

Unlocked Premium Features

  • Media Library + Image Editor
  • Imported Github Repositories (public & private)

Human Support


WP Plugins
WP PluginsUnlimited resources x3 saved WP Installers
Open Source WP Plugins
WP Plugin Repo Installer
API WrappersUnlimited resources x3 saved WP API Wrappers
Software Development Kits
Plugin BoilerplatesUnlimited resources x3 saved WP Boilerplates
WP Boilerplate Plugins
WP Themes
WP ThemesUnlimited resources x3 saved WP Installers
Open Source WP Themes
WP Theme Repo Installer

$6 / month