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WP Scripts

From this panel you can find and manage all your WP Scripts. The projects are listed according to their type:

  • WP Installers
  • WP Boilerplates
  • WP API Wrappers
WP Scripts panel

To start a new project:

  1. in the tab menu select the project type
  2. click the green button “+ New” next to the types

Alternatively you can use the shortcut “+ New Project” in the top right corner of the Dashboard.

The gallery of templates will open up for you to select your project starter.

  1. click the green button “Start” under the item of your choice
Starting a project

The gallery will filter the results according to the type and availability of the template you desire to start from depending on your current plan.

If a template is locked it means that you need to upgrade to a higher plan in order to unlock it.

The next step will simply ask you to name the new project:

  1. name the project using the field
  2. click “start” next to the text field
Naming a project

Try to pick a meaningful and unique title for your project since it is likely to be reused as a parameter in the production output.

If you have exhausted all your storage space for this specific type of project you need to upgrade to a higher plan in order to increase the storage capacity.

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