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WP API Wrappers

This service is dedicated to assist with the development of Wordpress scripts. 3rd party API integration WP API Wrappers are Wordpress plugins containing open source SDKs for quick integration of 3rd party APIs into a bigger development project. The wrappers are completely standalone and like any other plugin they are auto-loaded once activated. Developing with wrappers WP API Wrappers usually do not perform any tasks after being activated, as such it is up to the wordpress developers to integrate the SDK's classes and methods into their own script following the 3rd party

WP Scripts

WP Scripts panel From this panel you can find and manage all your WP Scripts. The projects are listed according to their type: WP InstallersWP BoilerplatesWP API Wrappers To start a new project: in the tab menu select the project typeclick the green button "+ New" next to the types Alternatively you can use the shortcut "+ New Project" in the top right corner of the Dashboard. The gallery of templates will open up for you to select your project starter. click the green button "Start" under the item of your choice The gallery will filter the results according to the type and

WP Boilerplate Starters

This service is dedicated to assist with the development of Wordpress scripts. Integrated Development Environment WP Boilerplates are auto generated skeletons of directories and source code files that you can use as a starter kit for the development of a new Wordpress project. Human Friendly Generator The WP Boilerplate Generator allows you to start a Wordpress project from a library of repositories adapted to your coding style and habits following 4 simple steps: select the boilerplate repositoryadd code dependencies (SDKs, parent scripts...)set the code info &

WP Package Installers

This service is dedicated to assist with the delivery and maintenance of Wordpress scripts. Deliver interdependent scripts The WP Package Installer allows you to create and manage an installation package for : the deployment of a theme with plugin dependencies the deployment of interdependent plugins without a theme Centralize maintenance The WP Package Installer allows you to maintain the package directly from a single dashboard keeping the end installation updated with the newly released versions and necessary upgrades. Download & deploy With the WP