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WP API Wrappers

This service is dedicated to assist with the development of WordPress scripts.

3rd party API integration

WP API Wrappers are WordPress plugins containing open source SDKs for quick integration of 3rd party APIs into a bigger development project.

The wrappers are completely standalone and like any other plugin they are auto-loaded once activated.

Developing with wrappers

WP API Wrappers usually do not perform any tasks after being activated, as such it is up to the wordpress developers to integrate the SDK’s classes and methods into their own script following the 3rd party documentations.

Note that our team is not responsible for the SDK’s code and documentation but we will do our best to share useful code snippets and tips with the community and we welcome developers to do the same.

Multi-project development

If you are involved in the development of multiple (possibly unrelated) projects requiring the same SDK, such as AWS or Google Cloud, it is strongly recommended to reuse the same WP API Wrappers across separated plugins.

In that case you can directly add a WP API Wrapper to the dependencies of a WP Boilerplate project.

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