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WP Boilerplate Starters

This service is dedicated to assist with the development of WordPress scripts.

Integrated Development Environment

WP Boilerplates are auto generated skeletons of directories and source code files that you can use as a starter kit for the development of a new WordPress project.

Human Friendly Generator

The WP Boilerplate Generator allows you to start a WordPress project from a library of repositories adapted to your coding style and habits following 4 simple steps:

  1. select the boilerplate repository
  2. add code dependencies (SDKs, parent scripts…)
  3. set the code info & settings
  4. download the generated code

Automated actions

The tool uses the information and settings to perform a set of automated actions on top of the forked repository such as:

  • renaming files and directories
  • searching and replacing expressions in the code
  • generating script headers and readme files
  • auto insert optional scripts (package installer…)

Open Source & Private Repos

The panel allows your to synchronize a repository from the following Source Code Management (SCM) platforms:

  • WordPress.org (SVN)
  • Public Github Repo (Git)
  • Private Github Repo via access token (Git)

Download & Deploy

Once the code information and settings are completed multiple download options are available:

  • excluding the installer script (recommended for initial commit in dev environment)
  • including the installer script (recommended for production environment)
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